Snuggle Sack

Snuggle Sack

The snuggle sack is the perfect helping hand for those cuddles with nervous pups in stressful situations such as bonfire night or bringing a puppy to the vets. These snuggle sacks have been largely preorded in order to keep puppies feeling safe in those long car journeys home.

  • A note from Made By Martindales

    I'm Mollie Martindale, I'm from Kendal, but I like to claim t be a Liverpuddlian even though I'm only technically half scouser. I've just fiished my A Levels in Psychology and Sociology, and I am a hobby chicken farmer; and by hobby I mean I am with them as much as possible! I use to do some sewing as a very part-time hobby, but recently I have partnered up with Merely Marvellous in order to create these Snuggle Sacks and Cuddle Wraps to pass the time

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